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This project includes a main 12" gas pipeline, running over 30km (parallel to four ultra-high voltage power lines) and providing natural gas to thermo-solar power plants in Ashalim.

We have provided a comprehensive solution  - a design of an ICCP (Impressed Current Cathodic Protection) system and a design to mitigate LFI (Low-Frequency Induction)  and procedures to monitor, evaluate and mitigate AC induced voltage on the pipeline, taking into account both AC corrosion and electrical safety.

Ashalim Thermosolar PP

ICCP and AC mitigation for 30km natural gas pipeline


DSW Power Plant

ICCP for natural gas pipelines at the most aggressive environment


In the power plant design and construction in Dead Sea Works,
We have designed an Impressed Current Cathodic Protection design for gas transmission pipelines to a power plant. 

in this project we have succeeded to deal with the toughest surrounding soil - an extremely high salt concentrated soil which has an extremely high conductivity.

Jerusalem LRT

Stray Current mitigation


Jerusalem Light Railway is a municipal project in one of the most ancient cities in the world. We faced the challenges of designing a new infrastructure in an old, highly populated environment. Our complexed design included isolation of every infrastructure while monitoring and mitigating each risk and hazard.

Cape Lopez, Gabon, Power Plant

SACP for gas pipeline

We designed a Cathodic Protection for a gas pipline to a new power plant built in Cape Lopez, Gabon. The pipeline of this project was buried on the seaside beneath sea level, where it's an aggressive corrosive environment.

Our design included magnesium ribbons, to cancel out shielding between parallel pipes, control poles and other means for protection and for reliable underground measurement of the Cathodic Protection.

National Water Carrier of Israel

4 Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP) Systems 


The National Water Carrier of Israel carries drinking water from the Sea of Galilee to the central distribution pipelines through a system of pressure pipelines, siphons, open canals, gravitation tunnelsreservoirs and large-scale pumping stations. Its length is about 130 kilometers and its diameter varies between 2-3 meters (on pipelines sections).

We are designing four advanced Impressed Current Cathodic Protection Systems to protect and pipes and to prolong their lifetime.




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