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European Standards


  • EN 12499       Internal cathodic protection of metallic structures - general principles.  

  • EN 12954       Cathodic protection of buried or immersed metallic structures - General principles and application for pipelines.   

  • EN 13509       Cathodic protection measurement techniques.   

  • EN 15280       Evaluation of AC corrosion likelihood of buried pipelines applicable to cathodically protected pipelines.  

  • EN 50122-2   Railway applications - Fixed installations. Protective provisions against the effects of stray currents caused by DC traction systems.

  • EN 50162       Protection against corrosion by stray current from direct current systems. 




  • ASTM B843     Standard Specification for Magnesium Alloy Anodes for Cathodic Protection.   

  • ASTM F2349   Standard Practice for Operation and Maintenance of Integrated Natural Gas Pipelines and Optical Fiber Systems. 

  • ASTM G18       Standard Test Method for Joints, Fittings, and Patches in Coated Pipelines.

  • ASTM G57       Field measurement of soil resistivity using the Wenner four-electrode method. 



NACE standards


  • SP0100         Cathodic Protection to Control External Corrosion of Concrete Pressure Pipelines and Mortar-Coated Steel Pipelines for Water or Waste
                          Water Service.   

  • TM0101         Measurement Techniques Related to Criteria for Cathodic Protection on Underground or Submerged Metallic Tank Systems.   

  • RP0104          The Use of Coupons for Cathodic Protection Monitoring Applications.  

  • TM0109         Aboveground Survey Techniques for the Evaluation of Underground Pipeline Coating Condition.   

  • SP0169          Control of External Corrosion on Underground or Submerged Metallic Piping Systems.   

  • SP0177          Mitigation of Alternating Current and Lightning Effects on Metallic Structures and Corrosion Control Systems.   

  • SP0187          Design Considerations for Corrosion Control of Reinforcing Steel in Concrete.   

  • SP0188          Discontinuity (Holiday) Testing of New Protective Coatings on Conductive Substrates.   

  • RP0193          External Cathodic Protection of On-Grade Carbon Steel Storage Tank Bottoms.   

  • SP0200          Steel-Cased Pipeline Practices.   

  • SP0207          Performing Close-Interval Potential Surveys and DC Surface Potential Gradient Surveys on Buried or Submerged Metallic Pipelines.   

  • RP0274          High-Voltage Electrical Inspection of Pipeline Coatings.   

  • RP0285          Corrosion Control of Underground Storage Tank Systems by Cathodic Protection.   

  • SP0286          Electrical Isolation of Cathodically Protected Pipelines.   

  • SP0408          Cathodic Protection of Reinforcing Steel in Buried or Submerged Concrete Structures.  

  • SP0502          Pipeline External Corrosion Direct Assessment Methodology.   





  • ISO 8044        Corrosion of metals and alloys -- Basic terms and definitions.   

  • ISO 12473      General principles of cathodic protection in sea water.   

  • ISO 12696      Cathodic protection of steel in concrete.   

  • ISO 13174      Cathodic protection of harbour installations.   

  • ISO 15589-1  Petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industries -- Cathodic protection of pipeline systems -- Part 1: On-land pipelines.   

  • ISO 15589-2  Petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industries -- Cathodic protection of pipeline transportation systems -- Part 2: Offshore pipelines.   

  •       Corrosion of metals and alloys - Determination of AC ISO 18086vorrosion - Protection criteria.   



Israel Natural Gas Authority  directives


  • Industrial Gas Installation Directive - IGID.  

  • Factories Operations, Maintenance and Emergency Directive.  

  • Compressed Natural Gas Directive.    

  • Transmission Operations - Maintenance and Emergency Directive -OMD.    

  • Assessment and mitigation of potential damage to steel pipelines and personnel safety resulting from the interference effects of nearby high voltage electrical infrastructure.    




Michael Faraday

Michael Faraday FRS contributed to the study of electromagnetism and electrochemistry. The father of the principles underlying electromagnetic induction, diamagnetism, and electrolysis.

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